Why Revere Ranch?

Our acres are on a farm road with a lot of other ranches on it. No, we aren’t really close to them. I mean, our property is alongside a couple, of course, but we have room. Lots of room. But we certainly see their gates when driving to our property. Many of which has super cool names on them.

Back when we bought our ranch we wanted to come up with a name that had meaning. Not just some random ranch name that just sounded cool. This is what we will leave for our kids. And it has to have a story behind it.

When Jenna and I met we both worked in journalism. It was our mission to ask questions and convey information to others. To sort of “warn” others of information they may not have been aware of. We weren’t as important as Paul Revere. Not by a mile. But we considered our work just as important to us.

Additionally, Paul Revere had a work ethic that we cherished. He worked hard. He earned his way. He was a silversmith who fine tuned his craft and didn’t expect handouts or shortcuts.

He was also an ardent believer in the basic fundamental concept of true freedom. He was a part of the Sons of Liberty and a critical member of the American Revolution. He risked everything to advance the cause of freedom. Literally his life.

Finally, Revere to us is a reminder of humility and reverence. While we worked hard to earn what we have, we also hold substantial reverence and gratitude for it. Nothing is promised in this life. Nothing is guaranteed. We will never forget this.

So we decided to name our land Revere Ranch. It’s a reminder of our humble beginnings as a married couple. It holds historical meaning and teachable moments for our kids. And it sounds pretty damn cool.

So let it be written, so let it be done.