We’re Living in a Matrix Built on a Platform of Deceit

When I get asked why Jenna and I decided to move into the country and homestead I often find it a difficult question to answer. Those who know us know we’ve always been city dwellers. I’ve lived in Las Vegas, Auckland (NZ) and Chicago (inside the loop) for most of my adulthood. So to those who know me the concept of uprooting from the “comforts” of dense living environments seems foreign.

It gets difficult in finding an answer because so much of society sees homesteading as something only weirdos do. Something only those who “can’t cope” will venture into. And to most, saying society isn’t trustworthy or good for the soul sounds off-putting.

But when you see the truth, when you see everything for what it truly is… you reach a point where you stop caring what others think. I’ve certainly reached that point. I’m well beyond it.

In the movie The Matrix the vast majority of humanity was trapped in a pre-determined trajectory. Their lives were designed by machines and they lived them out in a digital world that didn’t really exist. This reference isn’t anything new. People reference the matrix all the time when discussing how numb society has become to the planners who try and control all of us.

But what often doesn’t get referenced is the fact that the entire infrastructure is based on deceit. The story is a great lesson in the magnitude of what can be accomplished by evil if evil can deceive the masses into believing what isn’t true is… true. The primary lie is that you’re living a life of free-will and choice. When in reality those in the matrix weren’t even living in a real world. Much less a life of free-will.

The great lie of today is similar to the story of the matrix. And its trickery has consumed most of society. We argue about who is right and wrong. He has moral authority and who doesn’t. Who is racist and who isn’t. But the deceit is do deep that neither side of the arguments are based in reality.

One side is arguing the sky is green. The other side argues the sky is yellow. When in reality the sky is blue. And just as real as it is that the sky is blue, those arguing otherwise hold their belief just as strongly as those few left who know the sky is blue.

You cannot win an argument with someone who has fallen into the trap of deceit. You think it’s absurd they believe the sky is green, right? Well, they equally see absurdity in your argument that the sky is blue. Even though the sky is blue.

In this world being built on a foundation of deceit the narratives we’re all forced to engage in are false. A creation of the planners who wish to control all of us. Instead of contemplating the best way to grow food and feed our families. we’re supposed to be arguing about racism, abortion and hand outs. If we step out of line and suggest everyone should be able to grow their own food, we’re told the “experts” have food handled and we are conspiracy theorists for suggesting otherwise.

I find it astonishing that so much of society has bought into this deceit. That so many have embraced the false narratives and allowed these to divide them. So divisive, in fact, that it breeds hatred of their fellow humans for no good reason. Or really no reason at all.

It used to be that simple disagreements were just that. But these days disagreements are a basis for hate. If I don’t agree with you then I must hate you. And if I hate you we will never share common ground. Never. Under any circumstance.

This is all a lie. One big campaign of deceit. I used to be able to just opt out of it and go on about life while still living in a city like Chicago or Las Vegas. But this is no longer viable as the greater mass of humanity there will see my refusal to “pick a side” and channel me into a category that doesn’t agree with them and thus must be hated.

Homesteading in the country is unplugging in a sense. Instead of being thrown into the hate filled circles of today’s matrix, I hear tree leaves whistling in the wind. Grasshoppers leaping through the grass. Birds singing to each other. All while watching unfiltered sunsets over a picture perfect view of my own organic food growing in the field.

If that’s weird then consider me a weirdo. But my weird life now exists where only truth can live. There is no hate. No lies. No matrix. There is only reality.

And, of course, blue skies. :-)