Five Stars for Prime Inc!

Getting my CDL at Prime Inc is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And I hope through my journey I can help you head down a similar path to success. I’ve created this page to give you my own perspective on the benefits of driving for Prime Inc.

Scroll on down to learn about us, our team truck and our move to build a fleet at Prime Inc.

Driver Lineup

My name is Eric. Jenna and I drive a team lease truck for Prime Inc. We share our journey on YouTube via the “Driver Lineup” YouTube channel we started in the fall of 2020. My background is in web architecture and visual communication. So shifting to a trucking career was a substantial life change to go through. One I have not once regretted since making the decision.

We Fell In Love With Prime

My initial plan was to drive for Prime Inc as a company driver for a year. At the end of training I decided to go lease upon upgrade and at one year felt I was just getting started. At one year I felt I had just gotten my footing in a way that really opened up a lot of opportunity for success. I had no interest in leaving Prime and Jenna decided to get her CDL through the Prime training program so that we could run our truck as a team. Here we are two+ years into our Prime Inc journey and we’re buying a truck. With a plan to build our own fleet of trucks hauling Prime Inc freight. I’m convinced now more than ever that Prime Inc was the right decision. The opportunities provided, the training I got, the community we’re plugged into and the company culture are second to none.

No Regrets

I have not regretted my initial decision and for that reason I highly recommend anyone who is considering a trucking career take a very serious look at what Prime Inc has to offer

Benefits of Driving for Prime

  • Top CDL training program (I stand by this!)
  • Industry leading insurance benefits for company driversSafety bonuses & rewards
  • Excellent passenger and pet policy
  • Terminals & facilities that are the envy of the industry
  • New & extremely well maintained trucks (Peterbilt, Freightliner & International)
  • Ability to purchase a truck through Success Leasing
  • 100% walk-away leasing program (I’ve walked away from a lease!)
  • A company culture that is simply unmatched
  • A thriving and incredibly supportive organic driver community
  • Due to nature of freight there is job security during economic downturns
  • Consistent freight volumes & load availability (You can easily run hard!)
  • Top pay & opportunity to drive to thrive!
  • Much, MUCH more! It’s the Inc baby!

My Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Prime