Is This Thing On Anymore?

It’s 2022 and the idea of blogging now feels on par with the idea of using a pager to communicate in the 90s. It feels archaic and I doubt many have an attention span that reaches beyond 3 seconds these days.

But here’s the thing. When Jenna and I met we were both writers. As a profession. Somehow our lives led us through a decade of chaos that included Executive Producing a feature length film and building our own fleet of trucks running refrigerated freight across all of the lower 48. Through all of that, though, writing is still a passion we both share. Whether or not someone cares to read it is not really as relevant to us as it used to be.

It’s for us. And if someone else enjoys it then we just consider that a bonus.

I know Jenna has a plethora of thoughts on mothering, prepping, cooking and home life. I love the freight industry, motion media and crypto. We have a lot to say and our podcast/youtube platform is a great place to say it. But we’re going to say it all here too.

I’ve been reconstructing our website in preparation for a full transition to the Revere Ranch brand. In doing so I’m also revamping the blog component. We’re also bringing back our newsletter. It will relaunch with the new and improved podcast coming in January of 2023.

Additionally, we’re launching a second YouTube channel focusing on everything in our lives that isn’t related to trucking. Stay tuned for that as well!