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Starlink & T-Mobile Changing the Game for Internet for Truck Drivers (And Homesteaders)

When Jenna and I first stepped foot on our land at Revere Ranch one of my initial thoughts was “how in the hell are we going to get internet out here?” The land is beautiful. Everything we could hope for in plenty of peaceful space to homestead on. But after multiple years of running a […]

Why Revere Ranch?

Our acres are on a farm road with a lot of other ranches on it. No, we aren’t really close to them. I mean, our property is alongside a couple, of course, but we have room. Lots of room. But we certainly see their gates when driving to our property. Many of which has super […]

Is This Thing On Anymore?

It’s 2022 and the idea of blogging now feels on par with the idea of using a pager to communicate in the 90s. It feels archaic and I doubt many have an attention span that reaches beyond 3 seconds these days. But here’s the thing. When Jenna and I met we were both writers. As […]

Everything You Need to Know About AB5 & It’s Potentially Destructive Impact On The Trucking Industry

California’s radical AB5 bill has created massive turmoil in the trucking industry. But due to the fact that it hasn’t yet sunk its ugly teeth into the industry with a death dealing bite there is a lot of confusion as to what is actually going on. Some believe it’s already in effect and isn’t really […]

Could Truck Shortages/Delays be Helping Keep Freight Rates Sky High?

It’s no secret that trucking freight is extremely strong as of August 2021. Capacity nationwide simply cannot seem to keep up with demand at the docks. And during a time of extraordinary inflation this is likely contributing to price increases at the shelves across the board. In a weekly safety meeting at Prime Inc’s Springfield […]

New $1.2 TRILLION Dollar ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Contains $0 for Truck Parking

We’ve heard a lot of talk out of Washington over the past year about the lack of truck parking across America. The trucking industry is an extremely regulated part of the American economy, and electronic logs ensure trucks are legally required to park for up to ten hours in order to legally continue moving. With […]